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Over a year, governments across the globe are adopting measures to overcome the pandemic. While the apparent measures like masks, social distancing, quarantine and vaccination are commonly known, the pandemic still prevails. So far, a few countries have efficiently controlled the outbreak, but most of them haven’t. When the knowledge about the virus and ways to contain it is globally shared, it is interesting to ponder why some nations could contain the virus and others could not? Moreover, what stops the countries still battling the pandemic to imitate the successful strategies adopted by other countries? To understand this, it is…

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Turning down on Moore’s law, the chief scientist at Semiconductor Research Corporation in 2018 said, “Today’s technology is already close to physical limits of scaling…Data storage just might be a modern-day problem looking for a 3.8 billion-year-old solution”. The solution is Digital DNA. Scientists could study the DNA of 1.7-million-year-old rhinoceros, so the way DNA preserves information is indeed profound. We are expected to reach our bits storage capacity by 2040. Existing methods of archival on silicon chips and magnetic tapes begin to deteriorate within 20 years. Moreover, they offer limited storage and pose health and environmental hazards. DNA, by…

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With technology integrating and branching into all fields, one might wonder if it is useful to have tech support for mental wellbeing. I was reluctant to this idea because it is a field led by experts with astute skills to manage each case differently and I couldn’t imagine the irony of AI and technology assisting cerebral issues when the same human brains have birthed them! However, as per the Institute for Health and Metrics Evaluation, about 13% of the global population (971 million people) suffered from some mental disorder in 2017. As per the Lancet Commission report on mental health…

Ruchi Sharma

Penning the trails of curiosity on the path of science technology and society (STS)

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